Doro Mobile Phones Australia


Doro 4G Seniors Mobile Phones now available to Order

Operate on Australian networks

To Order - call 02 9599 9555

Mobile Phones & Remotes for Seniors

Australia Wide Payphones recognise the special needs of seniors. We provide sales and service for a range of mobile phones and remote controls with features designed specifically to meet those needs:

  • Large Finger size buttons
  • Loud Clear Sound
  • Easy to read screens
  • Hearing aid Compatible
  • SOS Emergency Assistance Button
  • Doro mobile batteries available
Doro - 5860New

DORO - 5860 (4G LTE)

DORO - 6820 (4G LTE)

DORO - 6880 (4G LTE)

DORO - 8100 (4G)

Doro Mobile Phones Australia

Designed to be user friendly for Seniors

Widely Spaced, convex keys - finger size for easy use
SOS Emergency Assistance Button
Loud & Clear Sound
HAC (hearing aid compatible)
Dementia Phone
DORO - 623 (3G)
DORO - 6520 (3G)
DORO - 780X (4G LTE)
DORO - 7030 (4G LTE)
DORO - 8050 (4G)

Doro Big Button Phone 312C

Doro 312C Big Button Home Phone

The Large Button Phone (Doro 312C) is an easy to read and use corded phone.

Extra large buttons
Hearing aid compatible
Extra loud ringer signal
Last Number Redial


AWP Loud Ringer

Add extra loud ringing tone to any home or business phone.

Extra loud ringer tone
Optional strobe light flasher attachment
Visual Ring Indicator
Adjustable Volume Control


Doro R52 Answering Machine

The Doro R52 is a simple and easy to read and use answering machine.

Simple to connect to most telephones
Two-way recording/Memo
Day/Time Stamp
Simple to operate large buttons
Battery Backup


Remote Control Australia


Remote Control TV Remote Control
Remote Control Australia

TV Remote Controls

Designed to be user friendly for Seniors

Widely spaced keys - finger size for easy use
On/ Off button
Volume Control
Channel Change

GSM Converter

AWP-4747 GSM converter

Does not require NBN or telephone connection

$12 per month AMAYSIM unlimited local, interstate and mobile calls No further costs incurred

No Telephone line required
Has 8 hour battery backup in case of power failure
Simple home phone connection

Australia Wide Payphones also provides Sales and Service of our Doro range of Seniors Phones to New Zealand.

see our web site for Doro New Zealand

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